Aspero Consulting


Aspero Consulting was founded by Pablo Lloyd, Patrick McAllister and Roger Wilson in 2011. We share extensive board level experience, and have worked with each other for over 20 years. We decided it was time to combine our expertise, based on a set of shared values and an ambition to provide outstanding services to clients.

We work with Chief Executives and their teams to sharpen performance – that is why we chose ‘Aspero’ which means ‘I sharpen’ in Latin and is our registered trademark.

We want to deliver more than short-term results, we want to build trusting relationships so that clients get long-term value. We have therefore created a set of services based on our expertise, and a method which is analytical, practical and delivers a lasting impact.

As we have grown, we have also built up a team of experienced, specialist associates.

We only work on projects where we can add value. The early discussions with our clients are often the most critical, establishing what needs to be achieved and the interventions that will have the greatest impact.

We also believe that leaders have a wider responsibility to their community. That is why we set aside time each year to support not-for-profit organisations, as non-executive directors and volunteers.